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VIP Leaderboard

Here are the HoldemRadio VIP Leaderboard standings Through 21 April 2014.

1. GTPoker HR
2. MadMartigan HR
3. ghostjai
4. BMaster069HR
4t. Chas73 HR
6. Sofia1114 HR
7. txjuice
8. CA Grinder HR
9. JackDaddy
10. PokerKush HR
11. HRPro_ULose
12. Kid Terror HR
13. Lady Corb
14. bthugular
15. Alecks HR

Here are the top-10 from March
1. Alecks HR
2. GTPokerHR
3. higgymonstah
4. TaylorZaius
4t Edzoe HR
6. Corb HR
7. Johnnyhaha HR
8. mav116644 HR
9. PokerKush HR
10. Dipster7 HR

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Here are overall stats for HoldemRadio players who play poker with our online poker partner in April. HoldemRadio players at in 21 days have recorded:

-- 46 wins

-- $2,755

-- 216 cashes

So far in 2014, the HoldemRadio players have combined for 179 wins, 948 cashes and $13,980 in earnings.

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